How comfortable are you with your counterparts in another country? Do you fly overseas with jitters waiting in dread for another confusing encounter? Do you wonder if they really get the crux of your message?

A customized training program is an effective and cost-efficient way for you to anticipate reactions, predict trends and better evaluate options for your products and services.

We offer daylong, half-day or luncheon training sessions in Asian countries:

  • Initial encounters with your counterparts overseas (country-specific)
  • Effective Correspondence communicating via e-mail, phone and fax
  • On-going relationship building
  • Advanced negotiations and conflict-resolution
Leave the workshops with specific techniques, tactics and greater confidence to work effectively with your international associates.

"I found the training to be excellent and would recommend this for anyone who is working with the Japanese in a sales, support or service role. The instructor provided great insight into the cultural differences between the Americans and Japanese." (Laurie Proulx, Manager of Technical Support Center, Zymark Corporation)

Classes are taught by Wendy Dodek who lived in Japan for three years and delivered cross-cultural training programs to Japanese executives preparing for overseas assignments. Clients included: Aoki Construction, Nissan Motors, Yasuda Trust, Itochu Trading Company, Sumitomo Heavy Industries.

Request our cross-cultural quiz and test your knowledge of the Asia-Pacific.

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