Over the last ten years, we have traveled and travailed…with our clients through the thickets of international research.

We do not just desk coordinate from our Boston headquarters. From Bombay to Beijing to Buenos Aires, we go on location to finely orchestrate our projects. With an exacting eye and well honed cultural sensitivity we are able to insure client objectives are met.

The differences between research conducted in the US and overseas can be enormous. There are no worldwide standards for facilities, moderators or recruitment. US standards are not international standards. Anticipating differences can prevent serious mishaps, costly delays or possibly invalid results.

At Insight Research & Training, we offer direct benefits to our clients:

  • We provide a single point of contact on multi-national projects
  • We know who to contact: best moderators, facilities and interpreters
  • We speak and write your language ensuring everyone is on the same wavelength
Our knowledge was built on experience - sometimes painful experience. Here are some true confessions encountered on the road:
  • A sheer Japanese screen was used to create a backroom and ‘separate’ clients from respondents in Bombay.
  • Frozen juice samples were delayed in Customs in Hong Kong. The delay meant a taste test comparison with icicles in the client’s juice.
  • Traffic jams in Bangkok left the one ‘timely’ respondent smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee for two hours waiting for the others in the group to arrive.
Reprints of our published articles - with advice for conducting International Research - are available upon request.

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