Insight Research & Training is always seeking to enhance our knowledge and approaches to qualitative research. We are an active member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association, the American Marketing Association, World Boston and the Japan Society of Boston.

We offer the following guidelines.

Good Moderator Practices

    1. Know the topic and prep the props
    2. ‘Warm’ Warmup – rapport, humor, safety prepare respondents
    3. Remember the individual respondents – work off their background, interests
    4. Be animated: participants respond to energy
    5. Body language communicates! Cue into interest, discomfort and boredom
    6. Quiet respondents have ideas, too. Notice and reward them.
    7. Involve the respondents: compliment ideas, acknowledge them
    8. Be in control but not the disciplinarian. Stand near, use hand gestures
    9. When someone makes a surprising statement, check how many share opinion
    10. Don’t let the majority dictate. Ask minority opinion holders ‘why’
    11. Instead of the many ‘whys’? – “I’m curious”, “Help me understand” “How’s that…”
    12. Good organization + effective transitions = smooth flow

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