The Infrequent Museum Visitor Experience - While museum members are typically surveyed, what about those occasional visitors to art museums? The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Boston wanted to understand what motivates or inhibits attendance. With grant support from the Wallace Foundation, we conducted focus groups with this elusive segment, learning about enticements and barriers to engagement and leading to suggestions to enhance the MFA's offerings.

Worldwide Film School Assessment – Eastman Kodak developed a program designed to benefit film school students and needed to evaluate its effectiveness. Insight Research & Training has taken a two-pronged approach: on-site qualitative research - visiting film schools to talk to students and faculty in Asia, Europe and the Americas, and then fielding mail surveys to reach a wider audience. Over the last fifteen years, we have conducted research, monitored changes in film school attitudes, recommended program changes and fine-tuned the program. The latest surveys show marked improvements in satisfaction towards the program and more positive feelings towards Kodak.

Public Programs Evaluations - The Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA is renowned for linking art and culture but how well does the institution understand its visitors, particularly those participating in the highly acclaimed public programs? We developed the first survey instrument to evaluate the visitors’ experience and to add more depth of understanding, we trained volunteers to observe visitors and conduct follow-up interviews.

History Museum Evaluations - The USS Constitution is developing a prototype of a self-guided, family-friendly history museum. Towards that goal, the museum received a major grant to evaluate its success in engaging families in a new gallery, A Sailor’s Life for Me. We conducted tracking and timing studies, text preference surveys and exit interviews—enabling exhibit developers to use this feedback to make the modifications necessary to achieve their objectives.

Business-to-Business Web Site in Asia - Industry to Industry is making inroads as a business-to-business electronic commerce site in Europe and North America. Prior to launching in Asia, Insight Research & Training was asked to coordinate focus groups in Tokyo and Hong Kong to better understand the opportunities and risks. We carefully selected appropriate research companies- including knowledgeable moderators with an understanding of the Internet, and facilities to accommodate our ‘show and tell’ materials. Our final client document reported the results of the groups and included recommendations based on our years of experience working in the Asia-Pacific region.

Fresh Soup – Can consumers accept the concept of prepackaged soup as fresh? Kettle Cuisine successfully sells soup (without preservatives) to many restaurants and delis who in turn sell the soup to customers who regard the soup as fresh. Yet, when Kettle Cuisine decided to sell its packaged soup directly to consumers, there was resistance. Insight Research & Training was brought in to conduct focus groups to test the “fresh soup” concept, explore consumer attitudes about the soup and test the new identity and packaging of the Kettle Cuisine products among potential users.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Device - NeuroMetrix created an alternative, non-invasive tool to diagnose this crippling ailment. They came to Insight Research & Training to better understand the design requirements of physicians who would use this device in their offices. Focus groups helped clarify these issues and a year later, NeuroMetrix returned with a designed product but questions about data entry requirements and appropriate user interface. Additional focus groups were held providing answers and greater clarification.

Limited Edition Prints - Technology allows for dazzling art reproductions but how will artists respond to the digital revolution? International Paper asked us to investigate whether artists, these most discriminating of customers, will seek out new fine arts papers to copy their master works? Insight visited artists and printers around the country to explore opportunities to create products for a potentially burgeoning market.

Photo Enthusiasts - Few research studies have keyed into the diverse photography segment known as advanced amateurs- their motivation, their photo practices and applications of new technology. Through a combination of observational research and in-depth interviews around the country, we provided Kodak with a portrait of these photo enthusiasts that included a segmentation scheme useful in assessing receptivity to future products and services.

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